Aurora & Orion

We knew it would make it even harder to find them a home, but we decided Aurora and Orion need to stay together. It may take longer for someone to come along, who wants not just one but two beautiful black and white flu kittens, but it is well worth the wait. Our ultimate goal is to rehome our cats and kittens, into forever homes, where they will be as happy and contended as they can possibly be. 

 It is rare to see Orion without Aurora close by. They are best friends and have very similar natures. They are both very sweet, playful, love cuddles and having their bellies rubbed. They look very similar and as they run past it can be very hard to tell who is who. 

Aurora adored her foster dad. After dinner, she would sit near him while he cleaned the kitchen and ran to the sofa for cuddles as soon as he had finished. Orion loves his foster mum and likes to lay with his head on her shoulder and his legs wrapped around her arm while she works on the computer. 

Aurora is the dare devil of the litter and was the first one to work out how to get up onto the window ledges, it took her a bit longer to work out how to get down. She loves heights and is often scaling the bookcases to get the best vantage point. 

Orion has a real thing about feathers, as soon as gets one in his mouth he starts to growl and run around with it in his mouth. If you want to be his best friend for life, just give him any type of feather or feathery toy. 

Shortly after coming into care Aurora, Orion and their space cattet siblings came down with calicivirus, a strain of cat flu. They are all better now and some of the healthiest, happiest and sweetest kittens you ever hope to meet.

 We have had people wanting to adopt from us raise concerns about not being able to place a cat flu cat in a boarding facility. There is no concerns regarding being able to board a flu cat or even two. You are best to advise the boarding facility that your cat has had flu in the past, they can then put into place any protocols or quarantine practices they may have. When we take flu cats or kittens into the vet we always advise the vets. Not only so they have the complete history but so they can take any measures they require to prevent any risk to other cats

 Shortly after becoming availabile for adoption, Aurora and Orion were adopted by a loving family. When the family realised that there was only one kitten left, little Galileo, they decided they needed to take him home aswell. Aurora, Orion and Galileo became the Cat Cuddle Cafes first triple adoption.