Help Keep Our Rescue Going

Help Keep Our Rescue Going by sharing our fundraiser and if you can, please donate. Below is the link to our mycause page. We need to continue saving the lives of cats even if we have to close the café.  

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Stoner cats love Meowijuana

      Look at these kitties enjoying their premium quality organic Catnip. This excellent brand of catnip products are available in store or on our online shop. Check out some of the product links below this video.  

Stoner cats love Meowijuana2022-11-07T15:42:40+10:00

Joints for Cats!

  Yep, you got it, your eyes are not lying. J's for cats! A purrfect one-time nip session for your furry friend. These King Catnibas™ J’s are stuffed full of organic catnip and rolled in King sized papers. Simply break the J in half, sprinkle [...]

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Meowijuana is legal

Meowijuana is a brand of premium organic catnip products. Sadly customs and Facebook seem to be a little dyslexic. We had major problems with customs who confiscated our shipment from the US and were about to destroy the 'contraband'. We never got our first shipment. Long story but we [...]

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HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY LUTWYCHE CAT CUDDLE CAFE.Our 1st year anniversary in Lutwyche slipped by us on Sunday the 12th. I think it's because it just doesn't seem like a whole year yet. It was hard building a whole new café and cat area while we were still open [...]


The Evolution of Pussies Galore Rescue

A clipping from a news article, 26 June 2004 If you didn’t already know, I have been running Pussies Galore Rescue for about 24 years. I can’t even begin to count the number of cats I have rescued and re-homed. I have rarely visited a vet clinic in [...]

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The Catwalk

Penny's pretty paws. Depending on who you ask the most adorable part of a cat are its little footsies. Whether they have little socks or fluffy slippers there is something undeniably cute about feline feet. But there are actually a few fun facts that you might not know [...]

The Catwalk2022-11-07T15:43:11+10:00

The Tale of Florence

Who remembers Mumma Florence and her kittens, The Twisted Sisters? Florence and her 3 deformed little girls arrived in our care almost 2 years ago, in November 16. They were extremely malnourished, neglected and abused. Florence weighed just over 2kg and her babies were about 4weeks old. They were minuscule [...]

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The Unsung Heroes

There is a quiet, yet powerful force of unsung heroes operating as the animal saviours of our regions and cities. Some of the many kittens rescued by Pussies Galore Rescue They are the passionate few who give so much to rescue the little creatures in my city and [...]

The Unsung Heroes2022-11-07T15:42:18+10:00
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