Our Rescue Stories

Our Rescue Stories2022-11-07T15:42:26+10:00

Heartwarming stories of our rescue kitty’s beginnings

Every rescue story is very different – some will amaze you.

Thank you to our supporters and dedicated team who have made these rescues possible.


Valentina Our tiniest space cattet was named after the first female to have flown in space, Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova. Though she may be small she is fierce! There is not a challenge this little [...]


Ophelia We first posted Ophelia on our Facebook page as a tiny three week old kitten. At the time, we were overwhelmed with the amount of people who contacted us to adopt her. When [...]


Neptune It would be so easy for Neptune to be overlooked as just another black and white kitten who has flu. It’s a sad reality that black and white cats (just like black cats [...]


Iris Iris and her four babies came into foster care in January 2016.  Her story is quite a sad one but we are hoping that a happier chapter is just around the corner. When [...]


Hermoine Hermione was found abandoned in a rental property after the tenants moved out. The property manager entered the property, to do the final inspection, and discovered Hermione locked in the house with a [...]

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