July 2018

Chair Yoga With Cats Fundraiser


Have you always wanted to try out this thing called Yoga - but are too intimidated by all those fancy postures you see on social media? Or haven't you done exercises in a while and want to ease back into it? [...]

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April 2018

The Mother’s Day Gift Pack


If you've been following us on Facebook as well then you will have heard about our Mother's Day Gift Packs that we have just launched on our store. That's right, we have a whole pack for that mother in your life designed to be purrrfect for cat lovers. So if [...]

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May 2017



Hermoine Hermione was found abandoned in a rental property after the tenants moved out. The property manager entered the property, to do the final inspection, and discovered Hermione locked in the house with a litter of kittens. She was taken to a vet who gave both her and her [...]