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Ramsey Cronk –

Male- Domestic Shorthair Ramsey Cronk came into cafe with his  brother Jurby and a brother from another mother, Douglas.  Ramsey loves wand toys and he is a  fierce hunter of the fish, star and feather! He also loves to climb, the higher the better, he likes scaring his foster Mum. He is [...]

Ramsey Cronk –2022-11-07T17:34:35+10:00

Jurby Cronk-

Male- Domestic Shorthair Jurby has a lot to say for himself so we decided to interview him to put together his adoption profile. What is your name? Jurby Cronk Do you have any siblings? I have a brother Ramsey and a brother from another mother, Douglas. What is your [...]

Jurby Cronk-2022-11-07T17:34:23+10:00
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