Frequently Asked Questions

Are the cats in care up for adoption?

Most of our cats in foster care are up for adoption. Some are in permanent care. Those include our special needs cats, palliative care and geriatric.  

We were one of the first Cat Cafés in the world run by rescue cats. This means all of the cats that were in the cafe were up for adoption. Now that the café has closed, were are back to a foster based rescue. A lot of the cats are at The Rescue Rancho in Paddington and the rest in other foster homes.

I have found a cat or can no longer care for my cat, can you help? 

We are a small foster based rescue and can only take in cats where we have a suitable foster carer and the financial capacity. Sadly, there are more cats and kittens needing help than rescue groups have the capacity to care for. 
If you have found a cat, the first step should be to attempt to reunite them with their owner. This includes posting on social media e.g. lost pet co-ordinator, local facebook groups, having them checked for a microchip and registering them as found with the RSPCA. 

We are no longer taking surrenders or found cats