Cat Cafe

November 2018

Christmas Card Making With Cats


Join us for another fun night creating your own cards - in the company and with the help of our Cuddle Stars!   Once again our pawsome furcilitator Jill has made up some purrrfect kits for you. You'll get to make and take home five beautiful cards. Follow Jill's [...]

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October 2018

The Evolution of Pussies Galore Rescue


A clipping from a news article, 26 June 2004 If you didn’t already know, I have been running Pussies Galore Rescue for about 24 years. I can’t even begin to count the number of cats I have rescued and re-homed. I have rarely visited a vet clinic in [...]

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September 2018

Pilates with Cats


Join us for our first Purrrlates Afternoon! Purrrlates = Pilates with a feline twist! Pilates is a method of exercise focusing on proper postural alignment, core strength, flexibility and muscle balance. With a strong emphasis on breath, technique and control, Pilates is recognised [...]

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The Tale of Florence


Who remembers Mumma Florence and her kittens, The Twisted Sisters? Florence and her 3 deformed little girls arrived in our care almost 2 years ago, in November 16. They were extremely malnourished, neglected and abused. Florence weighed just over 2kg and her babies were about 4weeks old. They were minuscule [...]

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August 2018

Meditation With Cats


Join us for a pawsome night Meditating With Cats - and help raising much needed funds for our rescue at the same time! Meditation is the purrrfect way to find balance and peace deep inside yourself. This will then affect how you interact [...]

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The Unsung Heroes


There is a quiet, yet powerful force of unsung heroes operating as the animal saviours of our regions and cities. Some of the many kittens rescued by Pussies Galore Rescue They are the passionate few who give so much to rescue the little creatures in my city and [...]

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The Nine Lives Myth


Cats do not have nine lives, that is something we can all agree on. But we've all heard the claim that they do. So where does this myth come from? The saying has been referenced for a long time. William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet has the character Mercutio referencing the nine lives [...]

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July 2018

Kitty Kommunication – Vocals


Pekoe letting the crowds enjoy her vocals When children are introduced to the concept of the balls of adorableness that are cats typically the first thing they learn is what they sound like. The iconic "meow" and purr are just that, iconic. But what do these vocalisations mean? [...]

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Chair Yoga With Cats Fundraiser


Have you always wanted to try out this thing called Yoga - but are too intimidated by all those fancy postures you see on social media? Or haven't you done exercises in a while and want to ease back into it? [...]

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