Frequently Asked Questions Are the cats in care up for adoption? Most of our cats in foster care are up for adoption. Some are in permanent care. Those include our special needs cats, palliative care and geriatric.   We were one of the first [...]


Cats At Play

As I teased in the last post, today we're going to look at the way that our feline friends play. Chances are if you're on this site then you've played with a cat. But have you ever stopped and thought about what you were doing? Why you were using that [...]

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Meet Marvin

If you've been to the Cat Cuddle Cafe in recent times then you'll know Marvin. This big boy is one of the oldest cats that we have in the Cat Room right now at just over 2 years of age. He is one of the most relaxed, easy going and loveable [...]

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Donate Cat Cuddle Café, now closed, was Australia's only Cat Café run by a rescue. Cats are our passion and rescue is our mission. When we opened the Cat Cuddle Café in 2015, our Pussies Galore Rescue created the purrrfect [...]

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