We first posted Ophelia on our Facebook page as a tiny three week old kitten. At the time, we were overwhelmed with the amount of people who contacted us to adopt her. When she was ready to be adopted she was just as adorable and just as sweet, but all the pre-adoption interest had fallen through. Only two things had changed, she no longer needed a bottle and she came down with cat flu.

Ophelia is an all-round sweetheart and loved by everyone. She is very playful but in a gentle way. As the second smallest in a large family she often finds herself on the receiving end of things from her much bigger brothers. When she finds herself lost, alone or in a sticky situation she calls out for her little sister and best friend, Valentina, to come and help.

Ophelia loves pats and cuddles and will start to purr as soon as you pick her up. Once she has worn herself out playing she will happily curl up with up with you to recharge her batteries. Ophelia can be a bit of a sook and at times she can be needy. She is often found purring her heart out while tucked down her foster mum’s top.

As cats can carry the cat flu virus and shed it, potentially infecting other cats, we recommend flu cats are rehomed either to homes with other flu cats or without other cats. Flu cats generally have no more health concerns than non-flu cats. Cat flu is species specific and it cannot be passed onto any other animals including humans and dogs.

As well as carrying the virus cats with flu can occasionally have a flare up. Any symptoms are usually short lived and mild.

One misconception we often hear about cat flu cats is they do not need to be vaccinated against flu. As there is more than one strain on of flu we highly recommend you continue with the recommended vaccination schedule. The F3 vaccine also not only vaccinates against Feline Herpes virus and Feline Calicivirus but also Feline enteritis. You will also need to show your cat is current with their vaccinations before they are able to enter any boarding facility.

Our darling Ophelia found a new home with her sister, Valentina. The girls are very loved and treasured in their forever home.