Saving lives is an expensive business. We need your help.

Our bank account details are:

Our bank account details are:
Pussies Galore Rescue.
BSB: 484799
Account 085660017


The Cat Cuddle Café is run by Pussies Galore Rescue. We have many cats in the CCC up for adoption as well as in foster care with our amazing foster carers. We also have many cats in our care that will never be adopted for various reasons. This may be due to issues such as severe medical conditions that require long term treatment, palliative care, and old age.

While we would never give up on any of the cats we have in care, looking after them can be expensive. In the first 12 months after the cafe opened, we spent more than $150 000 on vet bills alone, and while some of these bills are the costs associated with getting our cats ready for adoption, a large majority of these bills are for emergency vet care or specialist treatment.

Without the help of our wonderful supporters we would be unable to do the work we do. If you would like to help out, continue down the page to see how you can.

Here are some ways you can help with our endless bills!

Sponsor a kitty

Personal or corporate!

Personal or corporate!

Please contact us directly to discuss sponsoring a kitty!

Make a Donation

every donation helps

Make a Donation

Please consider making a one time donation of any amount to help with our never ending vet, food, housing and other bills!

Donate now

Our wishlist & other ideas

Our wishlist & other ideas

View our wishlist & ideas

Gift Vouchers

Gifts & vouchers

Gifts & Vouchers

We have gift vouchers and frequent cuddle cards available for purchase. Please call or visit us in store.

Shop Now

Online Store

Shop with Us

Shop with Us

We have a number of cat themed gifts available for purchase.
Visit our Store

Shop In Our Op-Shop

Cat Cuddle Cafe Op-Shop

Our amazingly delicious, op shop is located in the Cat Cuddle Cafe.

All proceeds from the sale of our treasures go toward the care and rescue of animals.

Containers for Change

Take your cans and bottles in to the

CONTAINERS FOR CHANGE program. The money comes to us.

Pussies Galore Rescue’s ID number to use is:

ID : C1000 25 18

Wish list

  • Flea and worm treatments. We treat our cats with Advantage, Advocate, Comfortis, Capstar, Popantal and Drontal.
  • Super premium cat biscuits for example Advance, Nutro, Black Hawk, Royal Canin, Hills
  • Felix Wet Food
  • Cat wand toys and ping pong balls
  • Cash for Cans. Our charity, Pussies Galore Rescue Ltd number is…C10002518
  • A computer or laptop less than 3 years old
  • Wollies & Coles vouchers
    • So we can purchase supplies for the cat room
  • Paper towels

Other ways you can help

  • Organise a fundraiser for us. Send us and email at with your ideas
  • Have coffee and food in our cafe. 100% of the profits go to the rescue
  • Shop in our  cat theme gift shop or our op shop. 100% of the profits go to the rescue
  • Shop on our online store. 100% of the profits go to our rescue
  • Help promote us by telling friends all about the amazing rescue work we do
  • Like and share our posts on Facebook and Instagram
  • Organise and hold a donation drive of food, flea and worm treatments and litter to donate to our Pussies Galore Rescue
  • Volunteer with us
  • Adopt a kitty or two. 
  • Join us for one of our fun-draising events
  • Foster for us

Support Local

Here at the CCC we believe in supporting local businesses who do great work in our community

Check These Organisations Out

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