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How Cats See the World

Anyone who has ever had a pet and most of those who haven't have wondered how other creatures see the world. Both in a physical and in a metaphysical way. Today, we'll be focusing on the physical side of things. Of course there's no way to be 100% certain what [...]

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Erstwilder? More Like Yes-twilder

Erstwilder is one of our fantastic suppliers of stock at the Cat Cuddle Café. They do the most beautiful limited edition resin accessories, I'm a huge fan of their brooches in particular. And it looks like Salem is as well! These stunning designs are all designed by the wonderfully talented artists [...]

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Think of the last time you sat there with your cat buddy and you both looked into each others eyes and shared that moment. What did you feel? What thoughts came to mind? Did you feel connected? Judged? Appreciated? Then what happened? Did your fur baby lean in and give [...]


Kitty Wallet

Wallets have evolved over time with evidence of them existing in some form in Ancient Greece, though perhaps not for the exact same purrrpose as for us. There was once a time, not too long ago, that you'd store all of your cash and maybe a licence in them. However, [...]

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Meet Marvin

If you've been to the Cat Cuddle Cafe in recent times then you'll know Marvin. This big boy is one of the oldest cats that we have in the Cat Room right now at just over 2 years of age. He is one of the most relaxed, easy going and loveable [...]

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I Love Cats by Blossom & Cat

On our online store we have a bunch of gorgeous enamel pins to choose from all representing the special place we have for cats in our hearts. This wonderful pin especially goes out of its way to flaunt that love. And if black's not your style, don't worry, these stunning [...]

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Dream Cat-cher

This wonderful little product that Maple is using is our Dream Cat-cher. You can find it here if you're interested in grabbing one for yourself! Some of you may already know this but the origin of the dream catcher is from the Native American Ojibwe culture where it is known as the "Spider Web [...]

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Hello World!

Hello everyone, This marks the beginning of the Cat Cuddle Cafe's latest adventure, this time into the world of blogging. That's right, this blog will now host a bunch of fun information and insights into the goings ons of the CCC and its online store. If you didn't know this [...]

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