Hermione was found abandoned in a rental property after the tenants moved out. The property manager entered the property, to do the final inspection, and discovered Hermione locked in the house with a litter of kittens. She was taken to a vet who gave both her and her kittens a good check over. She had clearly been an amazing mum as her kittens were in very good health. Unfortunately, Hermione was already pregnant again.

Her first litter of kittens were weaned and adopted and she gave birth to the second litter. She was once again the perfect mother cat. She cared for and loved her babies, she was often found lying down cuddling them in her arms.

Her second litter of kittens grew into very happy and healthy babies and were adopted into loving forever homes. Hermione has been desexed and has since waitied and waited for someone to come along for her. Sadly, it is all too often the case that the mum cats are left waiting long after their kittens have been adopted.

Hermione loved to give her carer a big cuddle in the morning. When she returned home from work Hermione was purring and head butting for love. She may love to get a cuddle but she also loves to play. Hermione needed a family who love to play as nothing can wear her out. Her favourite toy is her cat tunnel and loves to do a lovely bum wiggle before dashing through.

Little miss energetic gets a bit confused though and when excited doesn’t know that human legs are not to be stalked and attacked. She also thinks hands are sometimes there to bite when playing. Just like some people, she can be easily spooked and can snap before thinking first, although she does the cutest ‘I’m sorry’ face after.

We had wondered if there was going to be someone out there who understood this quirky girl. We had someone who loved her because she was so unique and quirky. Herminoe is now happy and settled in her forever home with her very own furry brother.