About Us


Cats are our passion & rescue is our mission. When we were opening the cafe we wanted to create the purfect environment for cat lovers from all over to enjoy while interacting with cats.

To fulfil our mission of rescuing a ridiculous amount of cats, our Cuddle Stars are highly trained, and work their magic to make you fall in love with them, ultimately leading to more adoptions. There are cats suitable for every lifestyle and person.

All of the cats we have in the cafe are rescue cats who have been brought into our rescues from a variety of different situations. Unlike many other cat cafés around the world all of our cats are up for adoption.

Our adoption process is very stringent. Don’t think you will just be able to walk out with one of our Cuddle Stars without being subject to the Spanish inquisition first. We need to know that you have carefully considered all that is involved with adding a fur baby or two to your family. This commitment is for the life of the cat, and could be more than 20 years.

If you are not in a position to adopt a fur baby just yet, we are always in need of more foster carers to look after and love the cats we have in care before they become Cuddle Stars.


We hope to provide knowledge and tips on the care and nutrition of moggies and provide support especially to new adopting parents.

Keep an eye on our events page for our Fundraising Cat Info and Q&A nights.

Who are we?


Pussies Galore Rescue (Facebook) is a small Brisbane based rescue dedicated to saving the lives of the unwanted, abandoned, and abused cats of Brisbane and surrounds. Many of the animals we save are found abandoned by their owners, surrendered to us for many different reasons, or rescued from death row in council pounds.

Our rescue was established over 20 years ago as a safe haven for cats that were due to be put to sleep for whatever reason. We are proud to maintain a strict no-kill policy, caring for and rehoming cats that would otherwise be considered unhomable.

Because we are a small rescue we operate without a shelter and rely on a network of dedicated foster carers, volunteers and supporters.

Some of the animals in our care have special needs, which can range from medical conditions, shyness, or old age. We provide all the love, attention and veterinary care they need to treat their illnesses or behavioural problems. Many of them make a full recovery and are happy & healthy, ready to find their furever homes. Some of the animals that come into our care stay with us for the remainder of their natural lives if they are unable to be rehomed for any reason or require palliative care.

Katina Balson, the founder and brilliant mind behind Pussies Galore Rescue and the Cat Cuddle Cafe (Facebook) has dreamed of opening a cat cafe in Brisbane for many years, and in 2015 that dream finally became a reality.

The CCC is the dream of providing a purrfect platform for cat lovers to connect with rescue cats and other cat lovers. When we were setting up the cafe we wanted to create a lovely space for people to interact with cats and to feel part of something wonderful. A place where the term Crazy Cat Person is a badge of honour.

We are also part of the Animal Rescue Support Network (Facebook), so we are not speciest, and love all animals big and small, and everything in-between. The Animal Rescue Support Network op shop is the best in town and all money raised from the sale of our awesome treasures and clothing goes back into rescue.

How amazing is that? Even more amazing is the fact that the ARSN op shop is right next door to the CCC. What a destination your visit could be? Cats, coffee, and op shopping!

Contacting us

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