Galileo is the biggest of our space cattets and with good reason. The first week he was in care he managed to convince his foster mum he was not able to eat solid food. He would be first in the line for a big drink of milk but as soon as she was distracted he was over at the food bowl, eating whatever it contained. His eating habits have not changed and he will eat whatever you put in front of him and anything extra he can shovel up off the floor.

Galileo is the cool dude of the litter. He is pretty much his own man and is not overly bothered by anything in life, as long as his bowl is full he is happy. He loves pats and will come looking for you when he wants some love. His favourite place to be is cuddled up on the bed with you giving you little head butts and kisses on your nose.

Galileo has an 8 year old, furless, 2 legged foster brother who he loves to spend time with. He would be happy in a forever home with children to keep him feeling loved and busy.

Galileo loves to play with his siblings and would be happy with another friendly feline in his forever home. We think he is suited to most home situations and would get along with anyone who welcomes him.

Shortly after coming into care Galileo and his space cattet siblings came down with cat flu. They are all better now and some of the healthiest, happiest and sweetest kittens you ever hope to meet.

As cats can carry the virus and shed it, potentially infecting other cats, we recommend flu cats are rehomed either to homes with other flu cats or without other cats. Flu cats generally have no more health concerns than non-flu cats. Cat flu is species specific and it cannot be passed onto any other animals including humans and dogs.

As well as carrying the virus cats with flu can occasionally have a flare up. Any symptoms are usually short lived and mild.

The strain of flu the space cattets had is feline calicivirus (FCV). The main symptoms of FCV is are fevers, discharge from the eyes and/or nose, ulcers in the mouth, lips, nose and paws, sore joints and limping. Limping is one of the most distinctive features of this virus and it is often referred to as limping kitten syndrome.

Galileo worked his magic on a family who came to meet his brother and sister, Orion and Aurora. He strutted his stuff and then climbed up into the dad’s arms and pomptly fell asleep. How could they possibly leave him behind? So Galileo, Aurora and Orion became the Cat Cuddle Cafes first triple adoption.