Meowijuana is legal

Meowijuana is a brand of premium organic catnip products. Sadly customs and Facebook seem to be a little dyslexic. We had major problems with customs who confiscated our shipment from the US and were about to destroy the 'contraband'. We never got our first shipment. Long story but we [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions Are the cats in care up for adoption? Most of our cats in foster care are up for adoption. Some are in permanent care. Those include our special needs cats, palliative care and geriatric.   We were one of the first [...]


The Catwalk

Penny's pretty paws. Depending on who you ask the most adorable part of a cat are its little footsies. Whether they have little socks or fluffy slippers there is something undeniably cute about feline feet. But there are actually a few fun facts that you might not know [...]

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The Nine Lives Myth

Cats do not have nine lives, that is something we can all agree on. But we've all heard the claim that they do. So where does this myth come from? The saying has been referenced for a long time. William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet has the character Mercutio referencing the nine lives [...]

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Meet Alan & Lemmy

At the tender age of just 17 weeks, we had to save these two lovely brothers, Alan and Lemmy, not once but twice. They first came into care at 8 weeks old with their two siblings. They were an unwanted litter facing an uncertain future. The second time, through an [...]

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BYO Cup to the CCC

That's right folks, today we're finally going to be talking about one of those green initiatives I mentioned in our Earth Day post. You may or may not know this but cafe's actually generate quite a bit of waste, but that doesn't mean that there aren't things we can do [...]

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Snoozing Kitties

Cat's spend about 2/3 of their life sleeping. Now if you've ever spent any time around a A Sleeping Samson cat this won't be that surprising but have you ever stopped and thought about the specifics of this fact?   Firstly let's take a look at why they [...]

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