Fun events.. with cats!

We hold a variety of events every Thursday night, but keep and eye out as we hold special events from time to time.

Please remember that bookings are essential as spaces are strictly limited.

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Our upcoming events


Chair Yoga With Cats Fundraiser

Have you always wanted to try out this thing called Yoga - but are too intimidated by all those fancy postures you see on social media? Or haven't you done [...]

Cat Bingo With Cats

Let's play Cat Bingo! Surrounded by our Cuddle Stars and raising much needed funds for our Pussies Galore Rescue. Very limited spots available. Booking essential. All proceeds go straight to our Pussies Galore [...]

Card Making With Cats

Join us for another fun night creating your own card(s) with the help of our Cuddle Stars! Our furcilitator Jill has made up some pawsome packs for you. And she [...]

Our upcoming events – dates yet to be announced


Crocheting Cat Mats

Learn how to turn T-Shirts into purrrfect cat mats! Bring along 3 old t-shirts (or grab some from our OP Shop next door) and we will show you how to make your own t-shirt [...]

Magic With Cats

Join us for a pawsome Magic With Cats Fundraiser! Learn from and be entertained by international master magician and comedian, Pete Booth. Children over 7 welcome. As seats are limited, be sure to secure your [...]

Creating Cat Cushions and Toys With Cats

Back by popular demand! Join us for another fun night knotting cat beds with our Cuddle Stars.  This time, you'll not only learn how to make pawsome cushions or throws, you'll also [...]

Yarning with Cats Fundraiser

Let our pawsome furcilitator Karen show you how to best swing those hooks and needles. Entertain our cuddle stars or actually learn how crochet a fun and fabulous cat toy. Bring your [...]

Drawing with Cats

Always wanted to learn how to draw these cute little creatures called cats? Well, have we got news for you: The pawsome Hana will be coming into the CCC again to guide your paw: [...]

Origami with Cats

Bring your best dexterity – we provide the cats! We have our pawsome furcilitator Sarah on site to teach you how to make Origami Cats! We’ll also be making some jumping frogs! [...]

Colouring with Cats

Colouring with Cats is a fun night of relaxing cat themed colouring with the assistance of our Cuddle Stars. Adult colouring has become more and more popular over the last few years, and [...]

Yoga with Cats

Join us for another fun-draising Yoga With Cats! Margarita is a passionate Yoga instructor and a full-time cat lover. She has years of experience in the art of yoga. You can purrfect [...]

Board Games With Cats

Board Games with cats is a fun and interactive night of cat themed board games, jenga, and other fun games to boot. Our Cuddle Stars are masters of the games and [...]