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November 2016

Private Functions and Birthday Parties


Are you a cat fiend? Do you prefer to spend your days cuddling with furry, four pawed friends? Is it your birthday? Why not spend your special day in the company of playful, cuddly cats, and bring your closest friends along with you? No birthday is complete without cake [...]

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Origami with Cats


Bring your best dexterity – we provide the cats! We have our pawsome furcilitator Sarah on site to teach you how to make Origami Cats! We’ll also be making some jumping frogs! So lots of kitty interaction is assured when we let them loose. [...]

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Colouring with Cats


Colouring with Cats is a fun night of relaxing cat themed colouring with the assistance of our Cuddle Stars. Adult colouring has become more and more popular over the last few years, and can be a great way to relax and distance yourself from the [...]

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