Our tiniest space cattet was named after the first female to have flown in space, Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova. Though she may be small she is fierce! There is not a challenge this little girl won’t tackle from taking on her much bigger brothers, getting prime spot on her foster mums lap to getting you to open a door.

Though it may seem Valentina is a rough tough ball of fluff, she is also very cuddly and loves the humans in her foster home. As soon as she thinks you are going to pick her up she will start to purr. She will often follow you about the house waiting for you to stop long enough to give her some love.

She loves to cuddle up with her humans on the sofa at night. Although, she gets very confused if you choose to sit on different sofas. She spends the next half hour running between sofas purring her head off, getting pats and deciding who she wants to sit with.

Valentina is BFF with the second smallest of the litter, Ophelia. Valentina is always quick to run to her aid and will go flying down the house if she hears Ophelia cry out because she is lost.

Shortly after coming into care Valentina and her space cattet siblings came down with calicivirus, a strain of cat flu. They are all better now and some of the healthiest, happiest and sweetest kittens you ever hope to meet.

As cats can carry the virus and shed it, potentially infecting other cats, we recommend flu cats are rehomed either to homes with other flu cats or without other cats. Flu cats generally have no more health concerns than non-flu cats.

[As well as carrying the virus cats with flu can occasionally have a flare up. Any symptoms are usually short lived and mild. As with human flu there is no magic cure for cat flu, but we do treat any secondary infection with antibiotics and ensuring cats are warm, comfortable and most of all loved.

We do get asked why we keep flu cats separate when all the other cats are vaccinated. The simple answer is no vaccine is 100% guaranteed. The cat flu vaccine is a similar situation to the chicken pox vaccine. Vaccinated children can still catch chicken pox but generally have a very mild case. Vaccinated cats can still catch cat flu but it is normally mild and they recover a lot quicker.

Adorable little Valentina was adopted with her sister Ophelia. We could not have imagined a better home for the girls. They are so loved and we are so happy they get to grow up together.