Iris and her four babies came into foster care in January 2016.  Her story is quite a sad one but we are hoping that a happier chapter is just around the corner.

When Iris was surrendered she was covered in fleas and was anaemic, painfully thin and struggling to care for herself let alone her babies. She had given birth to several litters of kittens in the past and they had been quite close together. As you would expect, this took a toll on her young body.

We hoped with some good food and a safe and quiet environment she would start to bond with and care for her babies. However, it became obvious after a few days that it was in the best interest of Iris and her babies to separate them.

This was an exceptionally difficult decision and one that was not taken lightly.  Her babies were all very unwell and required round the clock care and feeding from their foster carer. Iris also needed food and rest, having the babies with her was not allowing this to happen.

When Iris arrived with her foster mum she was shocked at the state she was in. She could not believe she was so thin and how uncertain of herself this sweet girl was.

Her carer began feeding her 6 small meals a day to try and build up her strength. She sat with her for hours on end letting her know everything was ok, she was safe, loved and that the food bowl would never be empty.

As she gained weight and her confidence grew Iris blossomed into the most amazing cat. She is an example of the difference our amazing foster carers are able to make in their foster babies lives. The unsure young mum has now turned into a slightly tubby, playful and affectionate cat who is full of character.

Iris was adopted into an amazing family home. She has a furry sibling and a very sweet furless one. Her Mum and Dad adore her. She now has the home and life she so deserves.

And what of her babies? Sadly, and despite the best care and attention we could provide, baby Poseidon did not survive due to a combination of low birth weight and subsequent struggles with ill health. However, we are pleased to say that two of her babies – Apollo and Aphrodite – built up their strength, were placed in the café and have since found a caring young family to call their own. For his 1st birthday Hermes was adopted by his foster family. Hermes knew they were his people, it just took him a little longer to convince them.