If you’ve been following us on Facebook as well then you will have heard about our Mother’s Day Gift Packs that we have just launched on our store. That’s right, we have a whole pack for that mother in your life designed to be purrrfect for cat lovers. So if you’re not sure what to get that cat loving mother, whether it be yourself, your own mother, your mum friend, or anyone else really the consider this Gift Pack you can find here. The Pink Pack recently went out of stock but don’t worry, there’ll be more where that came from.

The Blue Mother’s Day Gift Pack

But let’s actually take a step back and take a look at what this pack contains. The pack in it’s entirety contains 5 items. If these items don’t fit your taste then let us know! We’re considering releasing many different packs. The current pack contains one of each of the following items. The Cat Mum Mug, the I Love Cats Cat Pin by Blossom & Cat, a Kitty Mug Hug Spoon, and introducing two wonderful new bath & beauty products from Burn Decor & Soy, a luscious bath bomb and a beautiful soap in the shape of a kitty paw. All of these items come out to about $60 worth of value but if you by them in the pack you can do so for only $50!

The Blue Cat Mum Mug

So let’s start with the biggest item in the pack. the Cat Mum Mug. This is pretty simple, it’s a nice big mug measuring  about 10cm tall with an 8cm diameter base purrrfect for any beverages you might throw at it, or in it. Each mug also has this wonderful design of a kitty’s face with the words cat mum on it, you can get this in multiple different colours if you get the item individually though it is important to note which colour you’ll get in the pack if you go that route. If you want to pick this up individually just go here.

The Kitty Mug Hug Spoon in action

So now you have a great new mug for your tea, but what else do you need to make tea? Well a spoon of course. This Kitty Mug Hug Spoon will do just the trick. These are one of the coolest inventions I’ve ever seen. I have had to deal with the struggle of spoons that are too short for my mugs for so long. Watching them disappear into my drink knowing that if I do manage to get it out of the hot drink before I’m done it’ll be all sticky. These cute little spoons solve that problem by just hugging onto the edge of your mug, truly ingenious! Again, if you buy the item individually you will be able to choose multiple different colours but in the pack there are preset options depending on the pack you choose. You grab this spoon on its own here.

Kitty Paw Soap

Bath Bomb

Okay, the relaxing tea is done now, how do you keep relaxing, with a great bath of course. These new Burn Decor & Soy products will be invaluable for that! Both of these bath & beauty products are classic Mother’s Day gifts so you know that they’ll do the trick. And you can also rest assured that no animals were harmed in the making of these as the soap does not contain any animal products. Each of these have some of the best fragrances I’ve ever smelled, I work next to them and I have to constantly stop myself from eating them! Both the soaps and the bath bombs come with certain scents. There is bubblegum, watermelon, 50 shades, exotic fruits, monkey farts, and the bath bombs have an extra fragrance of pineapple & frangipani. As always, you can select these if you pick the items up individually but if you get it in the pack you’ll get the scent that goes with that pack. You can pick up the bath bombs here and the soap here.

Blue I Love Cats Pin

The final item in this pack is one of the many wonderful pins from Blossom & Cat. The ones in the pack will all say I ❤ Cats and is there any statement more true for you? If you want this cute little pin on its own instead of in the pack then just pounce over here.

Well there you have it folks, that is everything in our current Mother’s Day Gift pack. I personally think it’s a fantastic little pack and can’t wait to hear what people think of it. I especially love the bath bombs, they are fantastic. If you wanted to pick this pack up here is the link again, bloop. What is your go to for a Mother’s Day gift, will you picking this pack up? Let me know in the comments!