Meowijuana is a brand of premium organic catnip products. Sadly customs and Facebook seem to be a little dyslexic. We had major problems with customs who confiscated our shipment from the US and were about to destroy the ‘contraband’. We never got our first shipment. Long story but we have managed to secure some of this fabulous gear for our kitties.

Facebook also seems to suffer the same stance on the weed. They ‘Rejected’ our product posts. We may need to be a bit creative when posting on social media. You have to admit, it’s pretty funny marketing. “Get Higher Than a Kite” is a pretty hilarious kite shaped cat toy filled with the premium, organic catnip. It’s refillable so when the ‘weed’ looses it’s potency, you just refill it with fresh stuff (jar supplied). Better still get the stronger more potent catnip buds, in fact a whole jar stash to keep your kitty happy for a long, long time.

We are still waiting to receive our next shipment (customs permitting) of this amazing stuff. We have already sold out of the ridiculously funny catnip filled “joints”. They are cat toys, not to be lit of course but they do look like you could take a puff.

The catnip spray 3oz bottle is so potent that they cat room kitties were still coveting the toys we sprayed 1 week later. They just go gaga over the it.

If you can’t make it into the Cat Cuddle Café in Lutwyche to check out our range, have a look at the Meowijuana products we’ve put up in in our online store.

Note: Does not contain Marijuana, THC or CBDs