Ah, the cat kicker. What would we do without it? This wonderful mix of fabric, ribbon and some might say most importantly, catnip.

So what is catnip? What is the wondrous substances that your kitties can’t get enough of?

catnipWell catnip or nepeta cataria is a member of the mint family. It has been observed to induce a sort of high in cats that consume it. And not just domestic cats either, many big cats such as lions and tigers have also been seen to enjoy the effects of this herb. Under the effects of catnip kitties will often roll on the floor or become more active in their playing, chasing or hunting. Though it is important to note that every cat is different and will react differently. In fact only about 66% of cats have a reaction, the remaining third don’t appear to be effected by the plant at all. And not only that but kittens under 8 months are also not effected and even have shown signs of an aversion to the plant!

But let’s get back to the cat kickers, the cat’s at the cafe all love this wonderful creation. I call this piece of art “Luke at Play”. vlcsnap-2018-04-04-11h43m01s063

And why wouldn’t he love it? This beautifully hand-crafted product is just purrrfect. That’s right, I said hand-crafted, our fantastic supporter Lorna makes this product by hand, she puts her time and energy, and most importantly her love, into these toys to make sure their double-stitched to perfection. And it shows. They come in many different designs so you can pick the one that suits you best!

Well why wait any longer? Just pounce on over to our store here and pick one up for yourself for only $12.95!