Hello everyone,

This marks the beginning of the Cat Cuddle Cafe’s latest adventure, this time into the world of blogging. That’s right, this blog will now host a bunch of fun information and insights into the goings ons of the CCC and its online store.

If you didn’t know this the Cat Cuddle Café is also connected to the Pussies Galore Rescue. At any point we can have anywhere between 80 to 100 and sometimes more between our foster homes in the rescue. All of the Cat Cuddle Café‘s and the online store’s profits go toward rescue and covering the extensive costs of feeding and caring for all of those kitties. And don’t forget, most of the cats in the rescue and the cafe are up for adoption (note that there are some forever fosters that are in palliative care) If you’re interested in learning about the cats in our care you can go here. If you wanted to book a visit for the cafe you can go here. And if you ever wanted to just donate you can always go here.

But just while you’re here why not take a look around the blog, you can expect information and examinations of the products found at www.catcuddlecafe.com/store and perhaps the occasional update on the kitties in the rescue.

For now though I bid you adieu,