Erstwilder is one of our fantastic suppliers of stock at the Cat Cuddle CaféThey do the most beautiful limited edition resin accessories, I’m a huge fan of their brooches in particular. And it looks like Salem is as well!IMG_5092

These stunning designs are all designed by the wonderfully talented artists in Melbourne and it shows. Just take a look through our stock here and you can see the time and effort come through! These products are also all ethically made so you can have 100% guilt free shopping.

And don’t worry, these aren’t the cookie cutter pieces of jewellery you might find elsewhere, Erstwilder has a wonderful hands on approach to the creation of their items which leads to slight variation from piece to piece. Once the artists create the unique designs for the piece and that design is cut out all the components are assembled by hand! And then, if that wasn’t enough, they do extra hand painted detailing if needed. So you can be sure that what you get is yours and no one else will have the exact same piece.

It’s seriously impossible to not to stand out while wearing these brooches. Just take a look at our barista Radha sporting the fantastic Sour Puss brooch (available in the cafe only). Of course that name must be a misnomer with all the fun she’s having.IMG_5009

You also have some designs such as the Sabre Tooth Tiger that Augie has claimed!IMG_5096

And along with the Minna’s Moon design that May has taken an interest in!


These really are such great products that we have all thanks to Erstwilder. So next time you need to add something quirky to your wardrobe pounce on over to our online store here and grab something from our Erstwilder category and why not take a look around the store while you’re at it? You’d be helping out all of the kitties in our care by doing so!