Today, the 22nd of April, is Earth Day. What is Earth Day and what does it have to do with the Cat Cuddle Cafe you might be asking yourself? Earth Day is an annual event that celebrates the importance of environmental protection. This resonates with everyone here at the Cat Cuddle Cafe as we’re all very passionate about the Earth and the state we leave it in.

Some of the tables at the CCC are made from the tops of wine barrels

The CCC has a few initiatives that embody our love of the environment. And this is evident straight down to the foundations of this place. When the Cat Cuddle Cafe was first established recycled materials were used. Quite a bit of our furniture was made from recycled wood products. In fact the only thing that was bought new were the sinks in the cafe. We very rarely buy new items. The majority of our fridges are secondhand and very thoroughly cleaned and fixed up. This way we can make sure that we make use of these items that would otherwise be polluting the planet in a landfill. It truly is inspiring when you come into the cafe with the knowledge that everything is being created with an approach focused on minimising waste.

Even the shelves at the CCC are made from recycled timber

But that doesn’t mean we’re resting on our laurels, let’s take a look at our latest movement, straws. We are currently in the process of doing away with plastic straws in the cafe, all too often they end up in landfills taking their sweet time breaking down. If they don’t end up in these landfills chances are they’re in the ocean, hurting the marine life down there. So we here at the CCC are currently experimenting with different kinds of environmentally friendly straws such as bio-degradable straws or bamboo straws. We have yet to decide on the solution but rest assured we are working hard to make sure you can be guilt-free about sipping one of our drinks through a straw.

Our wonderful owner and founder Katina also takes home our waste and uses it in compost and feed for the various possums around her place. If you’ve been following her since the beginning you’ll know these possums well. 

Maple examining one of the great pencil holders we made out of waste plastics

Many of our events that we host on Thursday nights are all about recycling as well. For example we show how to make use of your waste plastics in our Junk Weaving events. We also show you how to make fantastic cushions for your cats and many more things of use. If you’e interested in any of that just head over to our booking page and take a look at our upcoming events here.

But that’s not all, let’s take a moment to touch on our associated acts. Pussies Galore Rescue was created to save the kitties who might not otherwise have a place in the world society has created, that seems pretty green to me. Our Op Shop helps prevent waste of clothing and other household items, instead of that t-shirt you don’t wear anymore ending up in a landfill it will find its way to someone else’s wardrobe.

Anyway, enough about us, let’s talk about you. Earth Day is not just a time for celebration but it’s also a great time to check yourself and your own progress with regard to the environment. Maybe consider what you’re doing and how you could continue helping the planet stay green, I know we here at the CCC are constantly considering ways to go forward and we have some ideas in the works that are awesome so keep an eye out for those to be announced. And if you’re happy with where you are then that’s fantastic! Keep doing what you’re doing!