I wonder if the reasons that dogs and cats do not get along in most instances, is because of mixed signals?

If you think about it, when a dog approaches another dog who’s tail is wagging, it’s usually a sign of friendliness. The dogs would then progress to sniffing each other and then maybe even playing. A wagging tail in a cat is usually a sign of anger or a precursor to a fight, we’ll be going into the topic of cat communication at some point in the future so keep an eye out for that. A dog who approaches a cat with it’s tail wagging would put a cat into fight mode. The wagging tail by a cat in the dogs eyes may signal to a dog that it could approach the cat. Now there’s a recipe for disaster! I wonder if the purr of a cat would sound like a growl to a dog?

Foster girls Bellatrix, Astrid, Pandora, Ophelia and Nova love the resident dog in their foster home!

Despite their differences, cats and dogs can cohabit harmoniously. We have had many successful cases of cats, especially young cats, being placed in foster care with dogs in the household. Once the odd couples get used to each other, they often form and incredible bond. Some dogs become amazing foster mums to little kittens. The kitties that are tried and tested in foster homes with dogs, can then easily be adopted into homes with dogs.

Even so, caution is always recommended when two animals first meet. Supervision is always recommended for the first few weeks. There is something very special about inter-species bonds. The internet eats adorable photos of cats and dogs snuggling together. If you have any such photos of you inter-species relationships involving cats and any other animals, please share them on our Facebook page.