Did you know that the Cat Cuddle Cafe online store is full of fantastic pins that

Kitty in the Milk Enamel Pin.jpg

Kitty in the Milk enamel pin available on our online store

you need on your outfits? Just take a look at this gorgeous Kitty in the Milk enamel pin available here. Or any number of the great little items from My Cat is People. They are all incredible products that you may just elevate your look to the next level. Today I thought it would be great to learn a little about how some of these pins are made.

While there are some adorable badges also available from us today we’ll be focusing on the enamel pin specifically. You might be surprised to know that the manufacturing of enamel pins is actually quite an in-depth and involved process but we’ll be giving you a summary today. The initial design is created and then turned into a metal outline of the pin. It is important that the lines dividing colour are present and full. If you have a pin on hand take a look at the different colours and how they are separated by a thin metal

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 12.32.53 PM.png

“Pouring” of red enamel into a met al base

line. If that line wasn’t there all of the colours would be mixed together. This is because they are added by coloured soft enamel being poured into the sections, typically via a small syringe. Once all of the enamel is settled and any excess has been removed it is baked for up to 15 minutes at 230°C. Sometimes the pin is then coated in epoxy to prevent cracking and colour fading.

So if, after learning about the process to make these adorable pins, you’ve been inspired to add some to your collection or maybe start one up altogether, then look no further than the CCC and it’s online store. We have a great collection of enamel pins that are all cat oriented along with all kinds of other feline merch. Just go here and browse all of the wonderful products on sale.