That’s right folks, today we’re finally going to be talking about one of those green initiatives I mentioned in our Earth Day post. You may or may not know this but cafe’s actually generate quite a bit of waste, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things we can do to limit said waste and in certain cases these initiatives can also save you some money!


One of the many landfills around the world full of waste plastics. <>

As you probably know plastic takes a long, loooong time to breakdown, sometimes it will stick around for hundreds of years or even longer. In the meantime the plastic finds it’s way into landfills or into the ocean and in both cases they can damage the local flora and fauna. And cafes will often contribute to this pollution by using cups that are either made of or lined with plastic. In fact it is estimated that coffee cups are the second largest contributor to litter behind plastic bottles.


The Cat Mum Mugs that we have available at our store.

There are various ways that cafes are attempting to combat this pollution but the method that we’ve adopted at the Cat Cuddle Cafe is the BYO model. This method is quite self-explanatory, it involves bringing your own cup or mug to us the next time you’re in for a drink. This way we don’t use a cup that will end up in a landfill or some poor animal’s belly and you actually get a 50c discount on your drink. That’s right folks, by saving the environment you’re able to save your wallet as well! If you want to support us further consider grabbing any of the various mugs that we have on offer online from the homeware section of our store here and use those for this BYO initiative!

So next time you come into the CCC for a drink and some cuddles think about bringing your own mug and you can save the environment and some money at the same time!