If you’ve been to the Cat Cuddle Cafe in recent times then you’ll know Marvin. This big boy is one of the oldest cats that we have in the Cat Room right now at just over 2 years of age. He is one of the most relaxed, easy going and loveable cats you could ever hope to meet. One of the cutest things that I’ve seen while volunteering in the room is how the younger kitties, especially the Star Wars kittens such as Luke and Chewy would cuddle up to good old Uncle Marvin.Mavin Luke.jpg

In a lot of ways he’s the leader of the Cafe, many of the younger cats will come to him during baths so they can clean each other (except Sheldon will go to Salem instead but that’s for another time). It really does break my heart to think he hasn’t been adopted yet because this young gentleman truly is one of the best felines you’ll find.

Marvin was surrendered to us, with his brother Merlin, by his very loving family. Sadly, they had a new baby who was allergic to the boys. This was not a decision that was made lightly.

Marvin loves people and other cats. He is great with children and would fit into almost any home.

We feel he would be happiest in a home with another friendly feline. If you are looking to adopt a cat why not consider Marvin or any one of his kitten friends in the café?