Think of the last time you sat there with your cat buddy and you both looked into each others eyes and shared that moment. What did you feel? What thoughts came to mind? Did you feel connected? Judged? Appreciated? Then what happened? Did your fur baby lean in and give you a head-boop? Did they reach out with a paw and touch you?

If you experienced anything like this, you just shared a moment with another being who does not speak our language but uses a way of connecting that is largely non-verbal. This is a beautiful thing for anyone to experience because that animal is telling you of how they feel about you and them together. One of the biggest differences I see between animals and us humans is the lack of agenda with the animals. Sure, its easy to say that they want food, shelter, warmth, safety and that is an agenda. Well it’s a common and universal agenda of survival across most species. It’s not a multilayered type like what we humans use everyday, with subtle motivations woven throughout. It’s simple and honest.

How much richer would our lives be with each other if we used a similar simplicity in our dealings with each other. When I look into any of my three kitties eyes, the connection I feel to them is so strong and humbling. I wish I could speak to them more effectively, but all I can do is mimic their behaviours and hope that it gives them some sense that I’m trying to communicate in their lingo. When my 17 year old boy gives me head-boops that last several seconds, I’m reminded of the New Zealand tradition of the hongi – touching noses and foreheads and breathing together to share the breath of life. This is so special to share such moments with my kitties and I believe that in weeks where we do this more often, I think that their behaviours towards each other and me is better.

So…. What will you experience the next time you look into your fur babies eyes?