De-stress and enjoy guided relaxation with the feline masters of chill.
Take part in a gentle process of deep breathing, progressive relaxation, mindfulness, and simple guided imagery – to calm your mind, relax your body, and unwind… surrounded by our rescue cats! They may choose to sit with us, on us, or watch from afar, as we practice how to be a little more like them.
Our facilitator Deborah Morgan will safely lead you through this calming and fun experience.

Deborah is a Clinical Psychotherapist and Counsellor, who has run stress-reduction groups for over twenty years.

She now joins our volunteers who offer their professional services, supporting our fund-raising efforts to care for the on average 80 cats in our care.

Deborah has a private therapy clinic, where she specialises in the supportive treatment of anxiety, depression, trauma, pain, and weight reduction.

Please feel free to ask Deborah any questions before and after our Relaxing with Cats sessions, or call her on 0402 510 424.
As always – for the safety and enjoyment of all four pawed and 2legged creatures – spaces are limited. Booking is essential.

Our next Relaxation With Cats Fundraiser:
To be announced 
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