There is a quiet, yet powerful force of unsung heroes operating as the animal saviours of our regions and cities.

Kitty Kushion.jpg

Some of the many kittens rescued by Pussies Galore Rescue

They are the passionate few who give so much to rescue the little creatures in my city and the many others Australia wide. They consist of individuals, as well as organisations and small groups, all working for common cause and all unfunded by government bodies, their funds coming from the members themselves as well as donations and fundraising ventures.


In Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, we have groups like Pussies Galore Rescue (the best, not biased of course), Best Friends Felines, 4 Paws Animal Rescue, Little Paws, Peninsular Animal Aid, Furry Friends Animal Rescue and many more. There are also the bigger guns such as The Animal Welfare League and the RSPCA.

It’s the small groups though, that have made a big difference by combining forces and helping each other. Together they offer each other support and share the burdens if one groups is over-run with emergency situations. Often an animal is saved by one group and then handed on to another group that may have more foster carers available at the time. This can involve transporting animals between suburbs or even cities to get an animal into a safe and loving environment.

Foster carers are a big part of the equation and the networks could not manage without these wonderful volunteers. The foster carers vary in experience and some can only volunteer for short term or once only situations. All help is greatly appreciated and no resource is wasted.

The groups and individuals also rely on the kindness and dedication of the veterinary


Clementine was one of the many cats that required extensive medical attention before being adopted into the loving fur-ever home she’s now in.

practices that offer them discount services, medications and procedures. Often this is where most of the funds go, as some of the animals require a lot of treatment, especially in cruelty and neglect cases. All of the rescued animals are offered for adoption once they are well, desexed, microchipped and vaccinated, de-fleaed and wormed. All of this requires a tremendous amount of money, time, co-ordination and love.


Finally, a big thank you must go to wonderful kind-hearted individuals who support the rescues with donations of food and funds. If you want to help out the Pussies Galore Rescue you can book to visit the Cat Cuddle Cafe here, purrrchase something from the online store here (Father’s Day is coming up) or donate directly by going here.