Nefertiti was originally rescued by Pussies Galore Rescue over 10 years ago. She came from a horrific rescue where we bought in 22 cats in a horrible state. Nefertiti had 3 X 12 week old kittens with her, all very emaciated. She was trying to push her starving kittens away as she had nothing to give them. We didn’t realise at the time, she had another 6 babies in her belly. Poor Neffie was so anaemic, we don’t know how she was still alive.

Some of the other cats from the rescue

Of the 22 cats rescued (actually 28 if you counted the 6 kittens born shortly after), all but 3 found homes, including Nefertiti. The 3 that stayed at the Pussies Galore Rescue Rancho were the worst of the bunch. Big Daddy, Priscilla and Roofus needed so much more rehabilitation. Darling Roofus passed away with cancer less than 2 years ago after a happy life at the Rancho.

Big Daddy is now 18 and Priscilla soon to turn 17 and they will live out their lives now with us.

Neffie 10 Years Ago

Nefertiti was very aggressive when we first brought her in. Biting so savagely that even the vets were frightened of her. They suggested that she be euthanised once her kittens were weaned. Nefertiti just needed to survive and that had been her mechanism to. She gradually changed as she became strong and realised she and her babies were safe.

Nefertiti was named because she had a stunning profile that reminded me of Queen Nefertiti with her elongated head. Neffi was obviously part oriental. It made sense to name her 6 babies in theme. They were named, King Tutt, Pharaoh, Mark Anthony, Cleopatra, Toot and

A happy and healthy Neffie now

Carmen. The sweetest and healthiest tiny kittens ever. Nefertiti trusted me with them. Nefertiti’s first 3 black babies were adopted and eventually her very robust 6 kittens.

Nefertiti became a very affectionate cat and was finally adopted. She was adored by her new mum who ‘got’ who she was, loved her sass and respected her boundaries. We often got updates about her.

Unfortunate circumstances have landed Nefertiti back with us but I think she is going to do well. We reconnected after all of these years and I remembered how much I adored her. Neffie is now doing very well in foster care and is so ready for someone to love her again.