All of the kitties in our care love the Robotic Insect Toy. In fact it could be said that almost all of the kitties ever love these toys. We’ll be taking a look at Cats At Play in the next few days so look forward to that!

For now though lets just take a look at these wonderful insect toys. Right now we have blue and red but colours are random and always changing when we get new stock in!

Each of these toys have tiny motors in them which vibrate and make them move. The cats can’t get enough of this and will chase them until they run out of batteries. But speaking of batteries. That battery you can easily replace with just one screw and then the cycle starts anew.

If you’re as interested in these as the cats at the cafe are then pounce on over to the online store here and pick some up!

Keep an eye out in the next few days for that Cats At Play post,