Female- Domestic Short Hair

Sassy and quirky, naughty and tortie and as cute as a button. This little independent Miss is a very busy puss. Leeloo is everywhere and when she has finished being everywhere, she will give you a very full, vocal report.

Leeloo will ensure that once your feet hit the floor in the morning, breakfast will be served in a timely manner. She is skilled at herding you in the direction of the bowls and food. Once such a tiny girl, she is now quite a chunk and can pack away a lot of food.

Leeloo’s favourite time for cuddles is after breakfast when she stretches out on the bed. Other times, she only has time for brief pats, there is so much to be done in a day.

Leeloo came into the rescue with her brother Korben after their time as kittens on a uni campus. It took some time for these little wildlings to trust humans. They soon became accustomed to a safer life and full bellies.

Leeloo would do well in a home with her brother Korben. She gets on well with other cats but she does like to ambush them for her sport. She is used to being in a house full of cats and will do well with other cats in her forever home.


Foster Care


6 years 


Adoption Fee $200
Desexed Yes
Vaccinated Yes
Wormed Yes