Female- Manx

Specially tubbed and ready for delivery. Fleur Bunny is waiting for her forever home.

Fleur Bunny has a very important job in her foster home and that is to test out any vessel brought into the house. Bag, box, or tub, it must be inspected for size and sit-in ability. The smallest bag must be squeezed into. It’s an added bonus if that bag has carrots in it. Bunny is a bit obsessed with carrots, she quite likes sweet potatoes as well.
Bunny loves attention when she is not too busy. Although she loves being patted, she is not fond of being held or restrained, especially when there is important business to attend to.
Bunny has the nick name of Funny Bunny and sometimes, Ever-ready Bunny, she flies around the house at great speeds and her battery can last for hours. She can practically fly up walls, her little Manx bunny tail twitching behind her.
Bunny came into the rescue with her mother Florence and sisters, Phyllis and Michonne. They became known as the Twisted Sister as they had severe leg deformities. Bunny’s legs mended but her sisters had a long road ahead.
Bunny is used to being in a house full of cats and gets on well with all. Because she is so energetic, she would do best in a home with another friendly and playful feline. She is fine with the resident little dog as well.


Foster Care


7 years 


Adoption Fee $200
Desexed Yes
Vaccinated Yes
Wormed Yes