Female- Domestic Shorthair

I am in foster Care

Phyllis is one of our special needs cats. She will require a very dedicated home. She was born with radial hypoplasia and has very deformed front legs. Despite this, Phyllis can give you a run for your money when she wants to play chasies. 

Phyl normally gets around on her back legs like a little kangaroo (T-rex or Quokka). She also uses her not terribly useful front legs to guide her around, more like flippers. Surprisingly, she can jump up on things like chairs or the lounge.

Phyllis would love a home where she can be thoroughly spoiled. She loves to be carried around. She requires hand feeding on bended knee because she is spoiled. It is a ploy to get more attention.

Medically, she is quite fit even with her physical deformities. She is FIV positive and has had cat flu. She has from kitten-hood, had one watery eye from a fused tear duck. She requires monthly Cartrophen injections to help with future arthritis in the hips. This is because of her posture. 

Phyllis is master of the stink-eye which she will bestow upon you if she is jealous or if she is not getting enough attention OR!! if she does not like the food you may have presented her with.

All of her afflictions add up to an endearingly gorgeous little girl. Everyone who meets her falls instantly in love with her.

Whoever adopts her will have to be able to meet all of her needs, now and in the future.


Foster care

Age 99 months
Adoption Fee $200
Coat Grey Tabby
Desexed Yes
Vaccinated Yes
Wormed Yes