Female Domestic Short Hair

Astrid and Ophelia girls are inseparable and really need to stay together. If Astrid hasn’t seen Ophelia in a little while, she’ll start crying and asking for help to find her.

Astrid has taken her desire to be as high as possible at all times to a whole new level. What started as asking her carers to put her up on the top shelf the cupboard has turned into some professional acrobatics. Astrid has managed to scale each shelf in the cupboards to get right to the top, without even breaking a sweat. Her parkour skills are unrivalled.

It is not all crazy adventures with Astrid. She loves sitting with her carer while they are working and will even share the chair.

Sweet little Ophelia is a bit more laid back than Astrid and loves a good nap. During the day, she will often find a quiet place for a sleep, like in the cupboard. At night time, she loves playing zoomies with her sister.


Foster Care

1 year 


Adoption Fee $400 for the pair
Coat Short Hair Black and White
Desexed Yes
Vaccinated Yes
Wormed Yes