Male Domestic Short Hair

Hi! I’m HP, although one could think my name is Yummy Yummy Yummy, because that’s my cue, that dinner is ready and I come running! Once I know that I can trust you… My foster mum can’t get enough of my beautiful shiny black coat, which is exceptionally soft! Since I kind of like her interacting with me, I do my best and give myself a genuine clean multiple times a day to keep it that way. I also make sure to give her lots of loving head butts to show that I really am happy to be safe and loved. I will do the same for you… once I know that I can trust you…

At the moment I am also known as Houdini or Mr Invisible: My foster mum keeps telling me that I am a purrrfessional hider. I think she just needs new glasses… Not my fault that I’m black and she just doesn’t see me under the bed, right? As that’s where I’ll be as soon as the door bell rings or someone other than my foster humans enter the house. I am just not quite sure yet whether to trust each and every one of these 2-legged creatures. But if you respect my space and pace, I will get braver by the day and eventually may even hang out with special chosen friends, once I know I can trust you … and them…

My absolute favourite pastime is to watch cat TV – that’s how my foster humans call it, when I sit at my favourite spot by the window and watch the world outside go by. But I also love to play and have just recently impurrressed my foster humans with my climbing skills. I also always put a smile on their face when I start my running after a little ball with a little jump. (They sure aren’t laughing about me, but are having fun rolling the ball, right?!)

I am quite happy by myself – but I currently live together with my foster brother cat Max and I do enjoy playing chase around the house with him. So if you already have a friendly and calm cat companion, with the right introduction, we’ll probably get along well. If you want to be my furever guardian, you please need to understand how important it is to let me settle into my new home slowly and at my pace. If you love and respect me unconditionally, I will do the same… once I know I can trust you… I am just a timid cat, but will sure be your best mate… once I know I can trust you and we have established our very own little routines.


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Foster Care

3 years 


Adoption Fee $200
Coat Short Hair Black
Desexed Yes
Vaccinated Yes
Wormed Yes